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Artist Statement

Subject matter continues to be my main inspiration, however; I am becoming increasingly interested in showing the process of how a work evolves. Sometimes this means leaving a little piece of the painting a bit unfinished, or playing up a sharply finished area against a looser more abstract area.   I try to start each new work with a disciplined approach, first mapping out the large shapes and establishing correct value relationships.  I consider the interplay of value and shape to be the foundation of the work and color to be the part that gives the work its heart.  In addition there is a constant editing process going on in order to create just the right interplay of realistic and abstract areas.  It is all a bit like fitting a puzzle together.

Lately I have been experimenting with limiting my palette and working a little faster in order to keep things fresh.  Since my move to Maryland, I have been painting outside in plein air more and more.  I have also been working from a model and with still life.  I still work from photos especially with commissioned work, however; I am convinced that working from life has greatly expanded my ability to make better decisions in the editing process as well as in establishing shapes and values.

For me the creative process is a joy, the process of learning how to paint is endless and inspires me.  I love the fact that each work I create is unique and my vision alone.  At the end of the day, I get to say this is what I saw, and I want my viewers to enjoy the view.

Lark MacPhail